Brea, the origins of the name

In the thirties and forties in front of the entrance to the restaurant there was an oak tree whose trunk, at a certain height, was surrounded by an iron circle to which travelers attached the bridle of their horses.
“.. attach the horse’s bridle …”, were words that were often heard while tying the horse’s bridle to the tree, in the Bergamo dialect “tacà la bréa del caàl”, before entering to refresh themselves and then resume their journey.

A family dedicated
to good food

Five generations of the family have taken over the management of the restaurant. In 1902 Giacomo and Emilia bought the land and built the tavern there. In the 1930s Sperandio and Libera took over until the early 1960s. In those years the restaurant saw the entrance where it still stands, outside the stone tables, on the ground floor the living room and the kitchen while on the first floor the house.
During the war, says Maurina, “we ran to turn off the lights before the plane we called” Pippo “started the bombing”. In 1962 Maurina married Battista and in 1968 they took over the reins of the restaurant with the help of his sister Giuseppina.
In 1975, the first renovation was carried out and in 1980 the construction of the upstairs room was initially used only for banquets. Outside, the new bowling green.
In 1998 Cristian, helped by his brothers, sisters and brothers-in-law, started a complete renovation of the restaurant, with the construction of new rooms, the extension of the kitchen and the inclusion of the pizzeria, which was closed for work on a whole year.

The Restaurant




Old Dining Room

Main Dining Room

Small Dining Room

Outdoor Veranda

Without the Uniform!

Brea, today











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